Important Announcement for the 111th National Day

Notification Period:
07 December 2018
18 December 2018

Dzongkhag Administration would like to announce all to kindly take note of the following in order to prepare properly and participate with joy in the upcoming historic 111th National Day in Samtse Public Ground on 17th December 2018.



  • Observe Driglam Namzha & proper Bhutanese Dress Code
  • Do not forget to bring your own Kabney / Rachu
  • Refreshments and lunch shall be served and therefore everyone is requested to bring their own plate and mug
  • Partake in the program by singing our national anthem with pride
  • Use public toilets responsibly



  •  Do not obstruct others and make loud noises once you are seated.
  • Do not bring electronic gadgets like mobile, camera, ipad etc. However if you need to contact anyone on emergencies you may contact our ground officials.
  • Do not carry any sharp objects such as patang, khukuri, scissors etc to the celebration ground.
  • Do not come drunk and ill prepared. You shall not be allowed entry.
  • Do not spit in public places.
  • Do not urinate in open places.
  • Do not leave your children un-supervised.