02 August 2019

On 2/8/2019, the advocacy program was carried out at Samtse Higher Secondary School MPH Hall. More than 130 participants attended the program and participants includes Mining promoters, Business and Commercial activities within Samtse Dzongkhag. The program is initiated for improving land lease system and to cater service delivery under the RGOB funding. The sensitization program includes as follows:-

  1. Land Lease Rules and Regulation 2018 and to execute State Land Lease Agreement (Revised) for any lease activities with Dzongkhag Land Lease Committee (DLLC) by Sr.Land Registrar, SDA
  2. Environmental Clearance Procedure, Fee collection, EC renewal and Zero Waste Hour concept by Dzongkhag Environment Officer.
  3. Forestry Rules and Procedures by Chief Forestry Officer,Samtse Division.