02 February 2021

On 2nd February 2020, as part of the “Zero Waste Hour” initiatives, a mass cleaning cum Bougainvillea plantation was carried out all over the Samtse town. A daylong event was organized by the Dzongkhag Administration, Samtse led by the Dzongkhag Beautification Officer and the Dzongkhag Environment Officer with an aim to transform Samtse into a Bougainvillea garden and implant individual responsibilities among the regional offices, institutions, local communities and residents of Samtse town towards keeping the area clean and green.

With the initiation of the Area Adoption/Compound beautification by the respective offices, agencies and communities, there has been a significant improvement of the allotted areas in the last two years. However, with the rapid development, an urban landscape of Samtse town has become increasingly bereft of beauty, nature and greenery due to lack of attention to urban greenery, communal spaces, landscapes and aesthetics. This could result in erosion of the community vitality and the general happiness. His Majesty said, “Where we live must be clean, safe, organized and beautiful, for national integrity, national pride, and for our bright future. This too is nation building”

This event shall be carried out as a regular activity once in a month that the aesthetics contribute to an attractive townscape and communicate the image of a Bougainvillea oriented garden town.

“When you like a flower, you just pluck it.

But when you love a flower, you water it daily”

- Lord Buddha

Contributed by: Dzongkhag Beautification Officer, Samtse