16 September 2019

Public Consultation meeting for Gola Satellite town under Tashicholing Drungkhag was held on 14th September 2019 at Peljorling Higher Secondary School. The meeting was chaired by Dasho Dzongda and attended by Hon'ble Member of Parliament Dil Maya Rai, Drungpa, Dzongkhag, Drungkhag and Gewog Officials, and representatives of RBA and RBP. From the Gola Throm community, 56 plot owners out of total 67 attended the meeting. The Dzongkhag Engineer made a presentation on development and programs for the Satellite town. After the presentation the plot owners were given opportunity to share/raise their views and concerns on the town development. After much deliberation the following decisions were taken consensually. 

  1. Dateline for construction of building for the 38 plot owners who have not constructed so far was extended from May 2020 to December 2021.
  2. Construction of water supply network system; drainage and road improvement will be implemented in the current fiscal year, however, the construction of footpath, street lights and blacktopping of internal road will be deferred to 2021-2022 FY.
  3. The 38 plot owners who have not constructed so far have to restore the newly developed facilities damaged during construction at their own cost and need to assure/undertake with Dungkhag/Dzongkhag for the same.


  1. Public Consultation meeting