20 November 2019

The Hon’ble Secretary, Dzongkhag Development Commission (DDC), Tshewang Norbu met with officials of Samtse Dzongkhag including the sector heads, regional heads, Dasho Dranpon, venerable Lam Neten, Superintendent of Police on November 20, 2019 to sensitize on the importance of our national language – ‘Dzongkha’ and share the way forward for the promotion of Dzongkha.



Secretary addressing the awareness meeting shared the series of His Majesty’s commands issued towards the promotion of Dzongkha, its policies, its 12th five-year plans, implementation and the opportunity to work on it. He stressed that the DDC has a huge responsibility for creation and bringing a transformational growth on Dzongkha beyond the usage as a common language, which can be done only through collective responsibility. He highlighted that the Dzongkha in Bhutan needs transformation through enhancing its common usage in official correspondences, education, research and culture. The session ended with the question and answer session.