Tender Documents on Annual Quotations for Procurement of Goods.

Notification Period:
Mon, 04 June 2018
Sat, 30 June 2018
Attachment Size
Standard Bidding Documents.pdf 1.06 MB
Office and School stationery.pdf 121.95 KB
Office and School Furniture.pdf 51.54 KB
Electrical items.pdf 355.06 KB
Hardware items.pdf 477.13 KB
Maintenance of Office Equipments.pdf 293.41 KB
Maintenance of Pool vehicle.pdf 51.73 KB
Transportation of Goods.pdf 7.99 KB
Computers, office equipment, tonner and cartridge.pdf 76.67 KB
Tyre and Tubes.pdf 13.08 KB
Canteen price schedules and terms and conditions.pdf 303.36 KB