06 March 2024

On March 6th, 2024, the Samtse Dzongkhag Administration facilitated the distribution of women-friendly and labor-saving mini tillers across six project gewogs. Offtg. Dasho Dzongdag, Sr. Dzongrab Choeku Wangchuk, commended the initiative's empowerment of women and its potential to enhance agricultural productivity. Expressing gratitude to the FSAPP project and the Department of Agriculture's Project Management Unit, he highlighted the significance of these machineries in alleviating labor shortages and reviving fallow land cultivation.


Addressing gender disparity, the Legal Officer and Gender Focal Person advocated for gender mainstreaming among the beneficiaries, emphasizing women's roles and responsibilities in such related projects. The distribution of mini tillers is anticipated to elevate productivity and income levels among smallholder farmers, contributing to the economic development of the Dzongkhag and bolstering food security in specific gewogs.

Beneficiaries were provided with demonstrations on proper usage and maintenance of the mini tillers, ensuring maximum benefit. Under a 50% cost-sharing modality, farmers paid Nu.33, 188.00 per set for the distributed 22 mini tillers. This endeavour underscores the ongoing efforts of the Food Security and Agriculture Productivity Project (FSAPP) to address agricultural challenges, promote gender equality, and foster sustainable development in the Dzongkhag.