Important Note:

  • A fine/penalty equivalent to ten times of the application fees shall be imposed for establishing, commencing or carrying out a project without the required Environmental Clearance (EC).
  • Late renewal penalty shall be imposed. Therefore, please ensure to renew EC before its expiry date.
  • Activities requiring state land leasing to be routed via Land Record Section.

How to obtain Environmental Clearance

  1. The concerned Sectors & Gewog/Dungkhag seeking Environment Clearance (EC) shall submit application addressing to Dasho Dzongdag ,Chairman of District Environment Committee (DEC) along with following required documents (Annexure list).
  2. Private applicants/individual shall route their application through concerned Gup/Dungkhag along with required documents (Annexure list). The concerned Gup/Dungkhag shall forward the application with complete set of required documents to Dasho Dzongda, Chairman of DEC after proper review & verification.
  3. The concerned applicant/proponent/promoter shall pay the application fee personally as per the applicable fee schedule to Dzongkhag Revenue Section/Dungkhag Revenue office.
  4. As per the applicable time frame given in EA Act 2000, Environment Officer (EO) shall review the application and check for required documents, seek additional documents/information and process for EC.
  5. EO to coordinate site visit program in collaboration relevant stakeholders upon approval from Dasho Dzongda/Dzongrab if deemed necessary.
  6. Visiting team to compile the field verification report for endorsement or initiate deliberations in DEC meeting base on sensitivity of the project/activity.
  7. DEC may deliberate the report and either endorse or reject or provide further directives such as re-verification/joint field visit or seek additional documents/halt for pending.
  8. EC issued/rejected decision will be conveyed to applicant/promoter accordingly;
  9. EC shall be issued as per timeframe of EA Act 2000 and it’s regulation 2016.    

  Annexure (document requirement):

  1. Forwarding letter to Dasho Dzongda- Mandatory
  2. IEE form as per  activity-Mandatory (down load form from http://www.samtse.gov.bt/index.php/sector/environment  and click download)
  3. Public consultation record form endorsed by Gewog Administration (Can be download from above link/samtse Dzongkhag web site)-Mandatory.
  4. Application fee-Mandatory
  5. Google Kmz file
  6. Others as per advice such as map/layout plan


2. How to renew Environmental Clearance (EC):

  1. The concerned applicant/Promoter shall submit an application for renewal before 3 months of it’s EC expiry date with the following required documents:
  2. Details of the company/applicant/Promoter;
  3. A copy of the Environmental Clearance;
  4. State the reasons for seeking extension or renewal of the EC;
  5. Mention for how long the extension is required;
  6. Brief report on how the environmental terms and conditions were implemented;
  7. Any other relevant documents such as receipts of fines paid etc;


3. What type of forms need to fill up (IEE forms/guidelines):

-Following IEE forms are uploaded in Samtse Dzongkhag web site and can be downloaded from web page. http://www.samtse.gov.bt/index.php/sector/environment . You can choose following form as per your activity.

Sl. No

Types of forms/IEE forms


IEE form for road constructions(access road/farm road/highway)


IEE Form for Forestry Activities


IEE Form for Industries


IEE form for transmission lines


IEE form for tourism activities


IEE form for other General Activities (other than above activities such as construction of School/BHU/Gewog centre/Tower etc.)