Location and area 
Dorokha Drungkhag has an area approximately 255.51 square kilometers and has three Gewogs– Dophuchen, Doongtoed and Duenchukha. It is bordered by Chukha Dzongkhag in the east, Haa Dzongkhag in the west and Samtse Dzongkhag in the south. 

It has an elevation of 200-2200m above sea level and lies in sub-tropical monsoon climate zone with good forest cover. The monthly temperature ranges between 15 degree Celsius in winter to 32 degree Celsius in summer and receives an annual rainfall between 1200-3000ml. The summer is hot and humid and winter is dry and cold. 

Land Use: 
Dorokha Drungkhag has total area of 255.51 square kilometers  and about 102.80 square kilometers is under agricultural use. The type of soil is alluvial—sandy clay loam. 

People and places: 
Dorokha Drungkhag has three types of ethnic groups, which are Lhop/Doya, Lhotshompa and Drukpa. Majority of the land under Dorokha Drungkhag are occupied by Lhotshampas. ‘Drukpas’ whose origin is believed to somewhere from northern part of Bhutan are settled in Dogap  and Pungthra village under Dophuchen and Duenchukha gewog respectively. The Lhops are settled at Jigme, Singye, Wangchuk, Sanglung and Satakha viilage under Dophuchen Gewog. They speaks dzongkha as well as their local dialect. 

With the start of resettlement program since 2002, people from various parts of Bhutan have settled down in Dophuchen and Doongtoed Gewogs.