The services of Procurement are as under:

1. Acts as Member Secretary to the Tender Committee

2. Coordinate tender process for procurement of Goods & Works

3. Procure goods for the sectors

5. Verify & receive goods from the vendors

6. Enter and update government inventory in the web based system

7. Monitor the government properties

8. Dispose off all the government properties through the Department of National Properties

9. Participate in the administrative activities of the Dzongkhag Administration as and when asked


Annual Quotation(Goods) Comparatives for the FY 2019-2020

Attachment Size
Contact details for the suppliers.pdf 433.83 KB
Package 1-School Statinoery.pdf 385.37 KB
Package 2-School and Office Furniture.pdf 135.45 KB
Package 3-Computers and office equipment.pdf 286.25 KB
Package 4-Hardware.pdf 852.67 KB
Package 5-Electrical_0.pdf 434.44 KB
Package 6-Tyre and Tubes .pdf 423.44 KB
Package 7-Tonner and Cartridges.pdf 126.12 KB
Package 8-Hiring of Vehicles.pdf 176.92 KB
Package 9-Maintenance of Office Equipments.pdf 652.17 KB