02 August 2022

To facilitate smooth and seamless functioning of the Gewog Administration the newly elected LG members 15 Gups, 15 Mangmis, 77 Tshogpas and 15 Gewog Administrative Officers of Samtse Dzongkhag were given a five days orientation programme in two groups.

However, the Dzongkhag Administration felt that there is a need for continuous learning to build their capability. There must have been bombardment of information in the five days orientation program. Therefore, Dzongkhag Administration initiated the monthly online learning forum. The first monthly online learning for local government was on Annual Performance Agreement and  Procurement Rules and Regulation which was carried out on 29th July 2022. It is purely a demand driven learning forum. The monthly learning forum is scheduled on last Friday of every month. The popular demand for the second session is on civil registration and census rules and it is scheduled on 26th August, 2022.



The objective of such session are:

1. To orient the LG members on relevant rules and regulations, policies and acts.

2. To prepare the LGs to perform better and efficiently

3. To build the capacity of LG members